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The world of immigration and global mobility moves very fast, but we reflect the changes with regular updates and in-depth articles.


Immigration & Global Mobility Update

Every two months, our experts from around the world put together an update on immigration and global mobility practice, setting out recent changes to the law, policies and procedures. See our Update for April 2024, with the new rules for 12 jurisdictions & European Union.

Working from home abroad
Many employees are currently working from home because of COVID-19, but for some, that can mean working from abroad. This could be, say, because they have a second residence abroad and decide to spend some time there, or they want to live as ‘digital nomads’ and embrace a different working lifestyle, including time abroad.  Employers are also starting to thinking about integrating remote working into the way they work beyond COVID, as part of a broader project to redefine their workplaces for the longer term.

Posted Workers Directive

EU Member States had until 30 July 2020 to comply with new rules rules on posted workers (secondees). Those new rules expanded on existing law, requiring that workers temporarily assigned to work abroad must be given terms and conditions on a par with local workers in the host country. As a result, international employers should bear in mind that since 30 July 2020, more local legislation may apply to the secondment of employees to and within Europe than before, and they will need to assess the impact on the terms and conditions of their current and future secondees.

Posted Workers Directive Map

To see more details of the way the Directive has been implemented in different places, click on a country. This will ‘fix’ the hover-over text and enable you to click on it to read more.

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