Diversity & Inclusion

We take a look here at fairness and equal treatment, including a raft of topics in the news, such as sexual harassment and racial equality at work.
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28 Jun 2022
AI and digitisation in the workplace – what will the impact be?

 In this webinar, our panel discusses how AI and technology are affecting the workplace already and what the future might look like. We invite tech expert, Peter Seeberg to give us an overview and lawyers from around the world to discuss the legal implications.   Our hosts are: Markus Janko (Germany),…

9 Jun 2022
How balanced are we? Implementation of the EU Directive on work/life balance

Our panelists from several EU countries and Canada discuss how work/life balance is maintained in their countries. In the wake of the EU’s work/life balance directive coming into effect in the bloc in August, this is a hot topic in many places.    Our hosts are: Alexander Ülrich (Germany), Hylda Wiarda…

17 May 2022
What environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues should HR focus on? Part II

In this, our second webinar on ESG, we invite more lawyers from our international expert groups to discuss ESG and how it could impact your HR practice.   Our hosts are: Sophie Maes (Belgium), Lucy Swart-Mallet (UK), Burkard Göpfert , (Germany), Philip Nabben (Netherlands), and Janusz Tomczak (Poland).