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War in Ukraine: key issues for employers

What should employers consider when assessing the impact of the Ukraine crisis on their business and workforce, and how they can help support those affected?

First aid kit for employers

Help! There’s been a serious work accident

Check the key points below

How well are you prepared for emergencies?

Probationary Periods

Can you have probationary periods and how long can they be?

Can failing to consult employees upon a transfer lead to fines, delays or stoppages?

What can be the impact of breaching the rules on consultation?

Is it lawful to dismiss employees upon transfer?

In some countries it isn't possible to dismiss someone by reason of the transfer alone...

Does the seller retain liability in employment matters after a transfer?

Does the seller remain on the hook and for how long?

How long should an employee consultation about a business transfer last?

Find out the typical length in different countries of the consultation process.

Top 11 employment provisions in M&A agreements

What needs to be top of mind when considering employment?

Key ESG questions answered

From social dumping to pension schemes, we look at a range of important ESG questions.

Dos and Don’ts for internal investigations

Read all our tips about conducting workplace investigations.

Toolkit for an ethical way forward

What kinds of actions make for an ethical HR practice?

Tips for employers on mental health risks

Our list of things employers can do to support employees' mental wellbeing.

Health & safety for remote workers

Find out about the psychological risks of remote working.

Working from home abroad

Key considerations for employers setting up employees to work from home abroad.

Tips to aid diversity in the workplace

Top ten practical tips for improving diversity

The New Workplace – Health & safety

What are the COVID safety protocols? Do you need to safety assess remote workers? And more.

The New Workplace – Vaccination & testing survey

Can employers force employees to vaccinate or decline access to those who refuse? Find out this and more.

The New Workplace - Working time survey

Should remote workers' time be monitored? Is there a 'right to disconnect'? These and other questions.

The New Workplace – Labour relations

What are the information and consultation duties around introducing new ways of working? This and more.