AI and the
world of work


Artificial intelligence is set to transform the way we work, and plenty more besides. The public availability of tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has seen the conversation spread from universities and Silicon Valley to boardrooms, kitchen tables and the halls of power. The opportunities of AI are immense, but concerns about its use and potential must now be addressed in the workplace.

We at Ius Laboris are uniquely placed to bring a global perspective, drawn from across the full breadth of HR and employment law practice, to these important developments. We have begun developing a range of material on this vitally important topic, looking ahead to the future by leveraging our own expertise, and by seeking dialogue with policymakers at the highest level.


Is employment law ready for AI?

This report concerns the use of artificial intelligence through the life cycle of employment: from recruitment, through management of work processes, to dismissal decisions.

Navigating the employment law landscape for AI
A survey of 33 countries on the current state of AI regulation in recruitment and work management, including legislative proposals in different countries that have the potential to bring about significant change.

Podcast with Stijn Broecke on AI and the labour market

In this episode, Stijn Broecke, a senior economist at the OECD who is leading their Future of Work initiative, talks about recent OECD findings on how artificial intelligence is beginning to reshape the world of work, what employers and employees think about this, and the structural changes a rapid wave of AI-driven automation may bring. Against a backdrop of rising inequalities, he considers that role that dialogue can play, alongside investment in skills, in smoothing the transition.


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