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Online webinar
4 Nov 2020
Legal HR Summit

The Legal HR Summit is a 2-day online programme with two big themes: HR leaders and HR lawyers addressing the future of the working world and business insiders providing insights into managing an international workforce.

Online webinar
25 Jun 2020
Coronavirus: Getting back to work

Four Ius Laboris Eastern Mediterranean employment law firms provide their very different perspectives on what is happening in their countries right now and how employers can best manage their workforces in the circumstances. Topics include how to manage the return to work and a short and longer-term perspective on employment…

Online webinar
8 Apr 2020
Coronavirus: Managing International Companies in Challenging Times

Coronavirus is taking a large financial toll on many European companies, and governments are stepping in to support them and their employees. Find out about the practical realities and latest developments in Italy, Germany, France and Belgium.