We guide our clients on the tax consequences of different HR policies, helping them ensure tax compliance, manage risk and control costs.

Our services

  • 01 Advising on local tax compliance
  • 02 Dealing with social security for international employees
  • 03 Handling corporate tax compliance
  • 04 Setting up suitable remuneration packages, including benefits
  • 05 Advising on employer obligations, such as running a local payroll or withholding tax
  • 06 Ensuring clients are aware of the risks of permanent establishment when allowing workers to work in new jurisdictions
  • 07 Offering tax briefings to employees embarking on an international assignment
  • 08 Assisting companies audited by the tax authorities
  • 09 Identifying whether employees are eligible for favourable tax regimes
  • 10 Assisting individual employees with their tax declarations

Permanent establishment

With remote and hybrid working becoming the new normal, a major concern for employers relates to the possible creation of a ‘permanent establishment’ in another jurisdiction. Based on a detailed consideration of all the facts, we can help determine whether the presence of employees amounts to a permanent establishment and how to manage the tax implications.

Employer obligations

Employing people usually involves dealing with local tax requirements, including withholding tax and/or social security contributions, running a local payroll or complying with other national law obligations. We help companies navigate these both at home and abroad. We also help companies deal with local tax authorities in the case of a tax audit.

Telework from abroad: tax consequences for employers?

As employers face growing calls to allow employees to ‘work from anywhere’, they should also consider the possible tax consequences of inadvertently creating a permanent establishment in another country. But what counts as permanent establishment? Here we explain some of the rules, and provide comments from our experts in 10 countries.

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Sylvie Dumortier is a tax partner in our Belgian firm and Chair of the Ius Laboris Tax Expert Group.

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