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Our clients often second employees around the world and when they do, we are on hand to make sure all the immigration, tax and social securities arrangements are in place for a smooth transition.

Our services

  • 01 Advice on secondments, transfers and the recruitment of foreign nationals
  • 02 Immigration assistance, including obtaining visas, work and residence permits
  • 03 Tax, social security and pension advice relating to immigration
  • 04 Cross-border migration projects

Global Mobility

Our lawyers offer full global mobility support, advising on how to quickly and cost-effectively relocate employees across jurisdictions, taking into account tax and social security, visas and work permits, employment law requirements, pension plans and compensation and benefits.

Beyond COVID

COVID is disrupting mobility to and from many countries around the world and our lawyers keep employers abreast of the changing picture and what is permitted in terms of mobility. We help companies take a strategic approach to all immigration issues, staying abreast of all cross-border immigration changes and ensuring full compliance in these challenging times.


We can address all administrative and legal issues associated with international employee transfers in the countries you operate in - or may operate in one day. This includes simultaneous employment in various countries, salary splits, cross-border secondments or transfers and the recruitment of foreign nationals.

Global Mobility Update

Every 2 months, our experts from around the world put together an Update on the law on immigration & global mobility, consisting of bite-sized notes about changes to the law in their countries. Here's the update for August 2021.

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Sophie Maes has been a partner at our Belgium firm, Claeys & Engels, since 2009. Within Ius Laboris she chairs the Global Mobility and Immigration Expert Group.

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