Data Privacy

We provide a clear understanding of the rules relating to personal data processing and how to ensure compliance with employee privacy rights, wherever you are in the world.

Our services

  • 01 Data audits based on processing activities
  • 02 Advising on worldwide data protection compliance (including the GDPR in Europe)
  • 03 Setting up appropriate documentation and policies to ensure compliance
  • 04 Advising on data security and data breaches
  • 05 Handling data subject access requests (DSARs)
  • 06 Managing the relationship with data protection authorities, including regulatory investigations
  • 07 Advising on trans-border data transfers (e.g. Schrems II for transfers outside the EU)
  • 08 Employee monitoring (e.g. screening employees, use of social media, camera surveillance and whistleblowing)

Public attention on data privacy

Data privacy is an evolving area of law and it can be hard for businesses to keep pace. Our lawyers offer advice on all kinds of workplace privacy issues - many of which have been raised by COVID-19, such as whether temperature checking is allowed, how to keep sensitive data secure and what the right balance is between an individual's privacy and the interests of the workforce as a whole.

Monitoring in the Workplace

Our research on monitoring in the workplace analyses the rules on monitoring in 41 countries and examines how the law is coping with the growing tensions between new technologies and the strengthening of privacy rights.

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Philip Nabben, a partner at Bronsgeest Deur and a Certified Data Protection Officer, specialises in employment and data privacy law.He's also acting Chair of the Ius Laboris Data Privacy Expert Group.

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