Diversity & Inclusion

We cover all issues relating to anti-discrimination law. This includes ensuring compliance with the law and that policies are in place to help prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Our services

  • 01 Advice on anti-discrimination law (e.g. race, gender, disability, age, religion and social status)
  • 02 Workplace policies
  • 03 Diversity training
  • 04 Workplace audits
  • 05 Gender pay-gap reporting
  • 06 Representation before the courts

Workplace Discrimination

Navigating discrimination legislation is tricky, but it is even more complicated when an employer’s footprint spans a wide variety of countries, each with its own law and culture. Our lawyers offer you their services in over 50 countries worldwide. We are your experts in all areas of workplace discrimination and can advise on issues relating, for example, to race, marital status, age, gender, religion or belief, disability, health, social status or sexual orientation.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is on the political agenda in many countries around the world. Despite equal pay laws having become commonplace, the gap stubbornly persists. To try to combat this, some countries are enacting legislation that requires transparent, public reporting on pay. The EU has just done so and companies with European operations will need, not only to report, but also think about steps to reduce the gap over the next couple of years. We advise on compliance with pay gap reporting laws all over the world and recommend best practice. If you need to prepare your company for compliance in this area, let us know.

Employer Responsibility

We advise on all aspects of discrimination and assist our clients in striving for fairness at work. This includes ensuring policies are in place to embed equality and diversity, paired with a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying.

Top ten practical tips for improving diversity in the workplace

We often talk about the challenges associated with implementing changes to improve diversity in the workplace, not least because many initiatives can be large scale, costly and realistically, it may take some time for the results to show. With this in mind, we have prepared ten practical tips that businesses can easily implement to try and improve diversity in the workplace.

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Lucy Lewis is a partner at Lewis Silkin in UK and Chair of the Ius Laboris Expert Group on Diversity & Inclusion.

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