Setting up and managing satellite employees

02:00 PM
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Satellite employees can be a good solution for businesses struggling to find workers and needing to provide the flexibility new hires expect. So, if you need to set up satellite workers, what are options and how can you do it? Our panel from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK looks at your obligations as an employer (set-up and administrative obligations, applicable law, policies, health & safety, regulation of remote working, potential risks etc). With loads of useful tips, this webinar is a great shortcut to finding out what you need to do.

Our hosts are: Melania Soncin (Italy), Sophie Maes (Belgium), Roberta Papa (Switzerland), and Amy Nevins (UK).  

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Melania Soncin
Senior Associate - Italy
Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo
Sophie Maes
Partner - Belgium
Claeys & Engels
Roberta Papa
Partner - Switzerland
Blesi & Papa
Amy Nevins
Senior Associate - United Kingdom
Lewis Silkin
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