How balanced are we? Implementation of the EU Directive on work/life balance

01:00 PM

Our panelists from several EU countries and Canada discuss how work/life balance is maintained in their countries. In the wake of the EU’s work/life balance directive coming into effect in the bloc in August, this is a hot topic in many places.   

Our hosts are: Alexander Ülrich (Germany), Hylda Wiarda (Netherlands), Birgit Bogt-Majarek (Austria), Paul Mclean (Canada), Rikke Falk Dambo (Denmark) 

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Alexander Ulrich
Partner - Germany
Kliemt.HR Lawyers
Rikke Falk Dambo
Norrbom Vinding
Birgit Vogt-Majarek
Partner - Austria
Schima Mayer Starlinger
Hylda Wiarda
Hylda Wiarda
Partner - Netherlands
Bronsgeest Deur Advocaten
Paul D. McLean
Partner - Canada
Mathews Dinsdale
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