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What’s on the ‘to do’ list for employers in China before the year-end?

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Fangda Partners, the preeminent China-based international law firm.
The end of the year is approaching and this article sets out a suggested ‘to do’ list for employers in China before 2020.

In China, employers are recommended to consider the following year-end tips.

1. Count all employees’ annual leave days and other days of leave taken in the current year (e.g. sick leave) and how many days may be taken over to the next year.

2. Check labour dispatch service agreements and/or outsourcing service agreements with suppliers (if any), in order to observe any special contractual requirement on their renewal, such as a prior written notice.

3. Set a recruitment plan (especially the recruitment of graduating students, since there is special procedure in their recruitment in China, including the tripartite agreement on employment intention among employer, graduating students and their school) and training schedule for the following year.

4. Retain key employees by several means, such as consulting feedback (both positive and negative) from them, collecting their expectations in the next year and communicating accordingly with their line managers.