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The Ageing Workforce

In the context of a rapidly changing world of work, one of the most prominent and pervasive trends is the ageing of the working population, which is dramatic in many parts of the world.

Alongside a trend of rising state pension and retirement ages, countries are overhauling their pensions frameworks, subsidising wages and offering tax breaks to support the employment of older workers. Employers should also prepare for having an ageing workforce. State retirement policies are likely to continue to evolve to encourage longer working lives and employers may have to rethink recruitment and retention strategies in response to this. Employers should also consider what company initiatives they have in place that are designed to support older workers.


The Ageing Workforce

In this report, we explore global population trends, paying particular attention to their effects on the workplace and examine the government and employer measures that have already been implemented in various countries to address the reality of an ageing workforce.