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Coronavirus: Guide for International Employers

The coronavirus is spreading very fast, so we have been looking at the steps you can take to keep your employees and your business as safe as possible. Our Guide covers every one of the 58 countries within the Alliance.

Our specialist employment lawyers from across the world have put together a Guide to help international employers navigate the key issues. For example, working from home; what happens if an employee falls sick; dealing with national lockdowns in the countries to which this applies; and accessing much-needed government funds to keep businesses going.

The topics covered in the Guide are:

  • Safety and Hygiene
  • Testing
  • Restrictions on daily life – including lockdowns
  • Pay
  • Travel
  • Discrimination
  • Reporting to the authorities
  • Advice from the authorities
  • Emergency laws and the implications for businesses


Download our Coronavirus: Guide for International Employers.