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Canada – Canada to expand biometric requirements for temporary and permanent resident applicants

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Mathews Dinsdale, Canada’s only national labour and employment law firm.
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The Government of Canada currently collects biometrics from nationals of over 30 countries.  Over the next two years, Canada is expected to announce regulations which extend biometrics requirements to all permanent and temporary resident applicants.

There will be some narrow exceptions to the requirement, including US Nationals. Biometrics may be provided at certain collection centres in Canada and abroad.

The Government also intends to introduce measures to verify biometrics upon arrival at major airports in Canada and to facilitate biometric-based information sharing with the ‘Migration 5’ partners (i.e. United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia).

It is anticipated that the changes will be rolled out in two phases: first for nationals of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (beginning 31 July 2018); and second for nationals of Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas (beginning 31 December 2018).

Katie Van Nostrand
Katie Van Nostrand
Partner - Canada
Mathews Dinsdale