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Webinar: Mergers & acquisitions – What to look out for from an employment perspective


COVID-19 is causing a reorganisation across markets, and mergers and acquisitions are a big part of what’s happening. In this webinar, we dive into the employment aspects of M&A deals, covering some red flags to look out for during due diligence. We also look at how the trades unions are approaching M&A; how to deal with restrictive covenants for workers both leaving and joining and what issues to consider in relation to employee pay.

Ius Laboris law firms participating in the webinar: FordHarrison LLP (United States) Basham, Ringe y Correa S.C. (Mexico), Veirano Advogados (Brazil) andMunita & Olavarría (Chile) 

Jeffrey D. Mokotoff
FordHarrison LLP
Silvia Araujo
Silvia Figueiredo Araújo
Partner - Brazil
Veirano Advogados
Marcela Salazar
Partner - Chile
Munita & Olavarría
Luis Alvarez
Partner - Mexico
Basham, Ringe y Correa S.C.