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Mental health at work in the APAC region

Asia Pacific

To chime with the launch of our flagship publication “The Word 2021: Forces for Change”, we prepared some special podcasts on key themes related to the future of work. 

We invited Kathryn Weaver, partner in Lewis Silkin Hong Kong, to discuss how mental health is protected in APAC workplaces and compare to different countries around the world. Kathryn also gives tips on what employers can do to provide a healthy environment for employees to work in. 

You can also read Kathryn’s article about this topic here. 


The Word 2021: Forces for Change

COVID-19 has put employment issues centre stage in a way that has never been seen before. From remote working, to cybersecurity, through diversity and inclusion, mental health, corporate purpose and, finally, a gaze at the future of the city, this 2021 edition of The Word draws on our legal expertise and truly reflects the global reach of our alliance of 59 countries.