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Clear working conditions and work-life balance in the EU: time is up

European Union
On 1 and 2 August, time runs out for EU member states to implement two important directives that give gig economy workers and parents and carers in Europe new rights.

Clear working conditions

With an eye to regulating the gig economy, the European Union has introduced new rules that entitle workers to clear information on their working conditions. The Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive needs to be implemented by each EU member state by 1 August.

To find out more about the Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive, and to check the implementation status across EU countries, you can consult our Clear Working Conditions page.

Work-life balance

On 2 August, the Work-Life Balance Directive  needs to be implemented across the European Union. It aims to help parents and carers reconcile their working lives and their caring responsibilities.

Our Work-Life Balance page explains these new rights and an interactive map shows EU member states' progress in introducing them into national law.