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Updated immigration sanctions in Colombia: what has changed?

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Brigard Urrutia, more than 85 years as the leading law firm in Colombia.
Sanctions for breaches of the Colombian immigration rules have recently been updated. This article provides details.

The Colombia Special Administrative Unit of Migration has updated the criteria for meeting immigration obligations and the administrative procedure for the imposition of sanctions.

The following are among the most substantial changes:

  • The fine for minor infractions was increased from half to seven minimum monthly salaries to one to eight monthly minimum salaries.
  • The fine for moderate infractions has been increased from eight to 40 minimum monthly salaries to four to 100 monthly minimum salaries.
  • Individuals who were expelled from the country and who re-entered evading immigration controls may be subject of criminal sanctions.
  • Deportation for overstaying may be commuted to a fine if the individual can prove any of the following situations:
    • proven family unit;
    • a special medical situation (justified by supporting evidence);
    • an employment bond, foreign investment or being part of an academic programme of technical, technological, undergraduate or postgraduate study on an uninterrupted, ongoing basis, and that is current accredited.


This last circumstance only applies to overstays of 30 days or less beyond the expiration date of a visa.

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