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The New Workplace – Labour relations

In many parts of the world, there are rules requiring employers to work constructively with the trade unions and other representatives of the workforce, but as with everything to do with work, Covid has thrown up a raft of new questions.

We look at two particular areas: first, do employers  need to provide trade unions and reps with a digital space on their extranet and collaboration tools to help them work and should they provide the email addresses of employees? Second, with so many employers planning to introduce new ways of working, do they need to inform and consult employee representatives – and crucially, do the representatives have the right to object to the employer’s plans?

Labour relations survey

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Dr Burkard Göpfert is a partner at Kliemt.HR Lawyers and Chair of the Ius Laboris Expert Group for Restructuring.

Burkard Göpfert
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