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Social security questions after Brexit: Italy issues guidance

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Toffoletto de Luca Tamajo, working in employment law since 1925.
The Italian social security body has issued guidance on social security transition matters after Brexit. 

The Italian Social Security Body has issued Instruction no. 16/2020 on soft transition regarding social security issues after Brexit.

The Instruction deals with the impact of Brexit on social security, listing all the elements that continue to apply until the end of 2020 (such as administrative collaboration between social security bodies). It also states that at this stage it is not possible to predict the legal developments after the end of 2020.

In particular, the Instruction states that employees seconded from the United Kingdom to other European countries (and vice versa) may request the application of the social security legislation of the home country based on an A1 model, but with a validity date no later than 31 December 2020.

Valeria Morosini
Valeria Morosini
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