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Protection from dismissal: the rules for employee representatives in 10 key jurisdictions

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To what extent are (non) elected employee representatives of the Works Council protected against dismissal under local legislation? In this report, Ius Laboris lawyers from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland present the position in their jurisdictions.

Contributors to this report are: Arnaud Teissier – Capstan Avocats, Philip Nabben, Joost Verlaan – Bronsgeest Deur, Markus Janko – Kliemt.HR, Christophe Domingos & Guy Castegnaro – Castegnaro, Richard Miskella – Lewis Silkin, Elsebeth Aaes-Jorgensen, Yvonne Frederiksen, Christian Thorborg Pedersen – Norrbom Vinding, Alex Borch – Hjort, Sofia Lysen, Knut Elmstedt – Elmzell, Seppo Havia, Laura Parkkisenniemi – Dittmar & Indrenius

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