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Italy – New Employment Office guidelines relating to transnational secondments

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Toffoletto de Luca Tamajo, working in employment law since 1925.
The Italian employment office has issued new guidance on transnational secondments.

In August 2019, the Employment Office published practical guidelines following its previous instructions released with the circular No. 1/2017.

The new instructions provide confirmation on many practical issues regarding how to manage a transnational secondment, including, inter alia, the main features of the contact person acting as the representative of the service provider.

This could be one of the seconded employees, an assistant of the employer or even a third party (such as a payroll provider). The contact person’s duty is to support the service provider in taking the correct administrative steps without in any way taking on any joint liability. The guidelines also provide indications on terms and conditions of employment (e.g. compensation) and criteria to identify a non-genuine secondment.

Valeria Morosini
Valeria Morosini
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