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Colombia introduces new immigration rules

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Brigard Urrutia, more than 85 years as the leading law firm in Colombia.
New regulations have amended the Colombian immigration regime, including introducing new categories of entry and stay, biometric ID for Colombians and a Border Mobility Card for citizens of neighbouring countries.

Resolution 3167 of 2019, introduces new regulations regarding the entry of foreigners into the country, that will come into force starting 1 December 2019.

The changes include the following key points:

  • New classification of entry and stay permits, as well as amended scope of permissible activities.
  • The implementation of the Border Mobility Card for foreign nationals from neighbouring countries as an alternative travel document to the passport.
  • The implementation of CAN-MERCOSUR Electronic Migration Card as an alternative travel document to the passport;
  • The implementation of Biometrics authentication (BIOMIG) for Colombian nationals.
  • The advantages of visa-free entry for nationals of the MERCOSUR, CAN and Pacific Alliance countries, have been extended to foreign nationals who have permanent residence in those countries.
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