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Chile – Free voluntary return to Haiti

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The Chilean Government has launched its 'Humanitarian Plan for Orderly Return' to Haitian migrants. The plan was made at the request of leaders of immigrant communities, given the vulnerability and lack of adaptation of some migrants within Chilean society.

The plan is intended for Haitian migrants who are living in Chile but have failed to settle in the country, for example, because they cannot learn the language, get used to the climate, find a job, etc. Yet they do not have the financial resources to enable them to return to Haiti. 

To qualify, the migrants must not have any cases pending with the courts in Chile and they must sign a notarised declaration in which they undertake not to return to Chile for the next nine years.  

On 7 November 2018, the first Chilean Air Force plane took off, destined for Puerto Principe, Haiti with 160 Haitian migrants. 

Marcela Salazar
Partner - Chile
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