LGBTQI+ inclusion at work: challenges and perspectives

01:00 PM
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June is LGBTQI+ Pride Month, and the time where the LGBTQI+ community is at its most visible in many countries. But inclusion remains, in many cases, a goal more often declared than truly realised, and progress on this complex issue is uneven across cultures, continents, industries and even different LGBTQI+ identities. In this webinar, experts from around the world will talk about the benefits of achieving a truly LGBTQI+-inclusive workplace, and highlight some of the sensitivities and challenges that persist on the way to better realising this important goal. 

Our hosts are: Jen Kingsmill (UK), Luiz Guilherme Migliora (Brazil), Debjani Aich (India), and Deanah Shelly (Canada) 

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Deanah Shelly
Partner - Canada
Mathews Dinsdale
Luiz Guilherme Migliora
Partner - Brazil
Veirano Advogados
Jen Kingsmill
Associate - United Kingdom
Lewis Silkin
Debjani Aich
Partner - India
Kochhar & Co.
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