How is the COVID crisis being handled in Eurasia?

10:00 PM
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The economic effects of the coronavirus are being felt by large numbers of companies in the Eurasian region leading many to consider how well their businesses are shaped to meet future challenges. In this webinar, recorded on 17 September, we take a look at measures to help businesses stay afloat in the short term, along with outsourcing and restructuring options for the longer term.

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Darya Zhuk
Managing Partner
COBALT (Belarus)
Larissa Yemelyanova
Larissa Yemelyanova
Senior Associate - Kazakhstan
Valeriya Savchuk
Valeriya Savchuk
Vasil Kisil & Partners
20 May 2020
Coronavirus: managing a workforce in Eurasia in challenging times

The coronavirus crisis is taking a financial toll on many companies, and governments are stepping in to support them and their employees. Find out about the practical realities of managing a workforce in the Eurasian countries in the current crisis and the latest government initiatives in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and…

8 Oct 2020
Working from home: a solution for the long term

Working from home is fast becoming more than just a tool for crisis management. More and more companies are now considering it as a sustainable option for the longer term. Many employees view it as a valuable benefit and employers too, can start to see cost-savings on the horizon in…

25 Jun 2020
Coronavirus: Getting back to work

Four Ius Laboris Eastern Mediterranean employment law firms provide their very different perspectives on what is happening in their countries right now and how employers can best manage their workforces in the circumstances. Topics include how to manage the return to work and a short and longer-term perspective on employment…