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Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar laws around the world, every ‘data subject’, including job applicants, employees, former employees, etc. has the right to request access to all personal data held about them by the data controller (employer).  These ‘subject access requests’ (SARs) are an important right, but bring with them myriad concerns and complexity. In this session we explore from the perspective of the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore and Romania:    

– what SAR are 

– when they are used 

– what the pitfalls are 

– what employers should do to ensure they deal with SARs properly

– how employers can standardise their processes across the world

Our hosts are: Alexander Milner-Smith (UK), Inger Verhelst (Belgium), Linda Hynes (Ireland), Lionel Tan (Singapore), Roxana Ionescu (Romania). 

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Alex Milner-Smith
Alexander Milner-Smith
Partner - United Kingdom
Lewis Silkin
roxana ionescu
Roxana Ionescu
Partner - Romania
Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP)
Ireland - Linda Hynes
Linda Hynes
Partner - Ireland
Lewis Silkin Ireland LLP
Lionel Tan
Lionel Tan
Partner - Singapore
Rajah & Tann Singapore
Inger Verhelst
Partner - Belgium
Claeys & Engels
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