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Working Environment Authority and social partners collaborate on sexual harassment prevention campaign in Denmark

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Norrbom Vinding, the largest labour and employment law practice in Scandinavia and the market leader in Denmark.
The social partners and the Danish Working Environment Authority have recently launched a campaign to prevent sexual harassment as well as unacceptable and offensive conduct at the workplace.

Against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, last year the Danish Parliament adopted a Bill to amend the Act on Equal Treatment of Men and Women, which entered into force on 1 January 2019. The amendment has helped focus attention on sexual harassment in the workplace. Now the social partners and the Working Environment Authority have joined forces for the campaign ‘Where’s the limit?’, further bringing into focus the prevention of sexual harassment.

The goal of the campaign is to prevent unacceptable and offensive conduct in the workplace and, by doing so it aims at creating a working environment and workplaces free from sexual harassment.

As part of the campaign, a website has been set up to provide material regarding the subject. The material includes, for example, a campaign video and a leaflet with ten recommendations on how to prevent and handle sexual harassment. A tool for dialogue has also been developed, comprising a range of dialogue cards intended to facilitate discussions about and prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.