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The Global HR Law Guide update

Our Global HR Law Guide takes you through the legal aspects of the entire employment journey, with 16 chapters from recruitment through to pensions, in over 50 countries, providing a valuable tool for HR and in-house counsel.

We have just updated our chapter on investigations, grievances and performance management and warmly recommend you take a look.

In this chapter, find out: How soon the employer needs to start an investigation and how you must conduct it; whether employees need to participate in an investigation; whether the employee can be represented by a lawyer, whether you need to show the employee all the evidence? In addition, when must you conduct an investigation and what are investigations normally about? Are employees obliged to report suspected misconduct or is this left up to their good will?

And in terms of whistleblowing – is there a separate regime for this and if so, what does it cover?  On low performance, how should employer deal with this? And finally, what about grievances? Are there statutory rules about this and how should they be handled?

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