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Temporary limitations on crossing national borders due to the Covid-19 situation

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This article details movement and immigration restrictions currently in place in Croatia.

On 19 March 2020, the decision of the Croatian National Civil Protection Directory on temporary limitations and prohibitions of crossing national borders (the ‘Decision’) came into force. Based on the Decision, all foreign (non-Croatian) nationals were prohibited from crossing the border apart from the medical staff, frontier workers, goods carriers, transit passengers, diplomatic personnel, and police officers. Croatian nationals returning from high-risk areas who did not show signs of infection were placed under medical surveillance in mandatory 14-day self-isolation based on the decision of border sanitary inspectors.

According to an amendment to the Decision which came into force on 9 May 2020, foreign nationals can now enter Croatia for justified business and economic reasons, in accordance with all epidemiological recommendations.

Foreign nationals need to have documents proving:

  • an invitation from a business entity for their travel to Croatia; or
  •  a legitimate business reason for their travel to Croatia; or
  •  an invitation to a business meeting.


The documents need to indicate the place and address where they will be staying, their contact details including phone number and the duration of their stay, specifically the date when they plan to leave Croatia.

This amended Decision will apply until 15 June 2020.

Andrej Žmikić
Attorney - Croatia
Divjak Topić
Bahtijarević & Krka