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Slovakia – Salary increase for night and weekend work, part two

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The second phase of Slovakia’s reform of wages for night and weekend working took effect on 1 May 2019. This article sets out the details of the new provisions and their consequences for employers.

Following the first ‘anniversary’ of the salary increase implemented in Slovakia for weekend and night work, employers’ HR costs have increased again.

On 1 May 2019, the transitional period expired and the approved changes now apply to their full extent, with the rates of premium for weekend and night work increasing from the initial rates introduced on 1 May 2018.

What do the changes mean?

  • On Saturdays, employees are now entitled to a salary premium of at least 50% of the minimum wage per hour (currently EUR 2.989).
  • If the nature of work or operational conditions require the work to be regularly performed on Saturdays, a lower amount of salary premium may be agreed (in the collective agreement or the employee’s labour contract), however, the percentage premium must not be lower than 45%. Companies in which trade unions do not operate, which do not have collective agreements, or which do not employ more than 20 employees will not have the option to ‘save’ the difference of 5%.
  • On Sundays, the salary premium is even higher, at least 100% of the statutory minimum wage per hour. Similarly to Saturday work, organisations that meet the requirements described above will have the option to reduce the supplement to 90% of the statutory minimum wage per hour.
  • For night work, the salary premium to be applied will be at least 40% of the statutory minimum salary per hour and employees who work in risky jobs will receive a salary premium of 50% of the statutory minimum salary per hour.
  • If the employee does not perform risky work (as defined by relevant legislation), a reduction of the premium to 35% of the minimum salary per hour can be agreed upon, subject to the same conditions as weekend work.
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