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Our people at the forefront  


Our focus extends beyond employee performance: we’re all about creating a great environment for everyone, where people feel supported and can thrive. We’re making big things happen together. 

We are dedicated to fostering a safe and healthy workplace environment for all our colleagues. Each individual should feel empowered to voice their concerns and seek assistance when needed. We have taken proactive steps to normalise discussions about mental health, free from any stigma or fear of repercussions.  

Last year, our members took many steps to support the well-being of our employees. They provided mental health training sessions during onboarding and regularly thereafter. Many introduced workplace initiatives, such as talks by counsellors and access to medical consultations. They also organised webinars, podcasts and fun team-building activities to address employee concerns. A number of our member firms offered gym discounts and organised sports activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. To address women’s health issues, some of our member firms hosted interactive lectures on menopause and published articles on related topics. Our members also adopted hybrid and flexible working conditions to enhance work-life balance.  

Our people are our greatest strength. We embrace multiculturalism and prioritise DE&I in all our policies and initiatives. Last year, our member firms continued their efforts to foster multicultural and diverse workplaces, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their beliefs or background, has equal opportunities to succeed and thrive. Our employees hail from over 80 countries and regions. Women represent approximately 55% of our workforce (based on data from 35 countries). Within our workforce, women comprise about 30% of total partners, 40% of our total counsel and directors and 60% of total associates. Regarding age distribution, approximately 30% of our employees are aged up to 29 years old, around 60% fall within the 30 to 55 age bracket and 10% are 56 and above. 

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ESG Report 2023

Our ESG Report 2023 reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Within its pages, you’ll discover a detailed overview of the steps and initiatives undertaken by our member firms throughout the year. From minimising our environmental impact to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, Ius Laboris remains committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work.