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Legal HR Summit 2021: Registration is open


Join us on 29 September 2021 for a one-day online discussion on the legal challenges facing global HR departments and in-house legal teams.

After a great success in 2020, we are back with the second edition of the Legal HR Summit and setting the stage once again for legal and HR professionals to gather, make connections, and be inspired.

Check out the program and save your spot: Legal HR Summit 2021.

World of work post-COVID-19

COVID-19 hasn’t just changed the way we perform our jobs today — it has also kickstarted a broader push to rethink the world of work.

As workplaces re-open around the world, businesses and their employees are faced with the choice of returning to their pre-pandemic ways of working or leveraging the experiences from the past year to design better strategies for the future.

The Legal HR Summit’s one-day virtual summit for legal and HR professionals presents valuable insights from a powerful network of legal and HR leaders representing top-tier businesses across the globe. This is a great opportunity to hear from legal experts and industry leaders and to engage in future-forward discussion on the legal challenges HR leaders face today.

Reimagining work, workforce, and workplace

Organisations are under significant pressure from a variety of health, economic, and social challenges to build a resilient workplace post-COVID-19. And as they continue their journey to restore stability in the new normal, they are also rethinking the need for legal pathways to global mobility, technological transformation, hybrid workforces, diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing, and remuneration in a remote world.

Networking and connections

The Legal HR Summit provides a platform to make valuable connections with driven and focused people from across the legal and HR communities. Whether you’re looking for industry insights or making a game plan for what’s to come, you’ll efficiently and effectively connect with the right people.

Don’t miss this exclusive event for a new workplace era. Join the conversation and amplify your knowledge at the Legal HR Summit by Ius Laboris.