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Greece – Social security number for EU citizens

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New guidance has been published on how EU citizens who are employees or self-employed can obtain a social security number in Greece.   

The General Directorate of Social Security of the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity has provided further guidance on the assignment of a social security number (ΑΜΚΑ) to EU citizens who enter Greece for work, as employees or self-employed, and who have not completed a three-month stay in our country (in document No. 80320 / no.33830 / D18.2227 / 29-07-2019).

  • Employee: in order to qualify for social security, an employer’s certificate confirming the employment of a citizen of an EU member state is required.
  • Self-employed: the company statute or the tax office business commencement certificate is required.
Katerina Papastergiou
Associate - Greece