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Our alliance is governed by a set of quality assurance principles, imposed on all our law firms. High quality is of great importance both to us and our clients.

All our law firms sign up to an agreement that they will “conduct their business in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which they operate.” They agree to comply with the ethical and professional rules imposed both by their national bar and by international standards. Members also agree to respect the rights of their employees and to uphold the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in employment.  

Accountability and transparency are important to us, and we ensure to have effective mechanisms in place to enable employees and members to voice concerns. We encourage individuals to raise issues and we facilitate prompt investigation and resolution. Our members adhere to policies and procedures regarding whistleblowing that align with legal requirements and regulatory guidance. 

We seek to ensure that all our members operate to the standards necessary to do business internationally, including, for example, by adhering to strict data privacy rules. We also, naturally, ensure that our members always have in place a comprehensive insurance policy that is satisfactory to their national bar and international standards in force. 

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ESG Report 2023

Our ESG Report 2023 reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Within its pages, you’ll discover a detailed overview of the steps and initiatives undertaken by our member firms throughout the year. From minimising our environmental impact to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, Ius Laboris remains committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work.