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Finland – Removal of the labour market test

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The free movement of labour will be improved in Finland from 1 June 2019, when the labour market test will no longer apply to holders of an employed person’s residence permit who have worked in Finland for at least one year and who are transferring to another sector for work. The labour market test relates to the process of determining the availability of labour in Finland.

The reform will be carried out by amending provisions of the Finnish Aliens Act. Many sectors in Finland (e.g. cleaning services and construction) are experiencing a growing labour shortage. This is why the labour mobility of foreign citizens already working in the Finnish labour market needs to be improved. Removal of the labour market test for individuals already working in Finland and transferring to other sectors will only apply to a few dozen residence permit applicants annually. However, in individual cases, the reform may be significant, since it improves free movement and supply of labour.

The new procedure will apply to foreign employees who have at least one year of work experience in Finland with an employed person’s residence permit and a professional qualification for the sector in question.

Iisa Koskela
Associate - Finland
Dittmar & Indrenius