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Federal Government Continues Pension Reform Consultation

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Mathews Dinsdale, Canada’s only national labour and employment law firm.
Announcement that Canadian federal government will continue consultations on pension reform

The federal government has announced that it will continue consultations on pension reform through a series of town hall meetings across Canada.  The government has posed the following ten questions as the basis for its consultation:

  • What are the main issues and challenges that Canadians face in saving for retirement?
  • What is the appropriate role of governments in supporting Canadians to achieve adequate retirement income?
  • Does the retirement income system currently have the appropriate mix of public and private support?
  • Are changes needed to further strengthen Canada’s retirement income system?
  • Should there be more mandatory retirement savings?
  • Should individuals be auto-enrolled in any new voluntary savings program?
  • Should increased savings, whether mandatory or voluntary, be locked-in for retirement purposes only?
  • Should there be more flexibility and choice with respect to private savings options?
  • How would the approaches described impact you personally and/or your business?
  • How should any changes to the retirement income system be financed?


Interested parties may also participate in the consultation process online or by sending written submissions by e-mail to [email protected].

For more information on pension reform in Canada, please see Heenan Blaikie’s Pension Pulse “Three Pillars: Ten Questions–Federal Government Continues Consultations on Pension Reform”.