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EU – The Work-life Balance Directive enters into force

European Union
On 1 August 2019, the Work-life Balance Directive, which introduces new rights to parental leave and flexible working arrangements and rights for carers, entered into force.

The Work-life Balance Directive entered into force on 1 August 2019. The Directive provides enhanced rights to leave and flexible working for parents and carers in all EU Member States, including the following:

  • a minimum of ten days’ paternity leave for new fathers;
  • a provision that two of the four months parental leave already provided under EU law will not be transferable between parents and will be paid;
  • five days’ carers’ leave for workers providing care or support to a relative;
  • an extension of the right to request flexible working for carers and working parents of children up to eight years old.


Member States now have three years to ensure that their national laws comply with the provisions of the Directive.

For a fuller explanation of the provisions of the Directive, please see here.