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Covid-19 guidelines and travel advice for business travellers in Denmark

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The Danish authorities have recently published guidelines and travel advice for business travellers who need to travel both to and from other countries.

Business trips from Denmark to other countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised and continues to advise against all unnecessary travel from Denmark to abroad.

In relation to business travel, the guidelines state that it will be up to the individual employer to make an assessment of whether the trip in question is necessary. Given the employer’s special responsibility for preventing the spread of infection, it is recommended that employers apply a precautionary principle and otherwise follow the specific official travel advice.

The travel advice states, inter alia, that a specific assessment and individual risk assessment of the journey should be made in dialogue with the individual employee, and that the employer is responsible for ensuring that the individual employee is informed about the travel advice prior to a trip.

The new guidelines include, among other things, greater opportunity for disease testing for business travellers. It appears, among other things, from the guidelines that:

  • It will be possible for a business traveller who has to travel to countries where proof of a negative Covid-19 test is required to get a test before departing from Denmark, so that the certificate can be brought on the journey.
  • Business travellers returning to Denmark will be offered a Covid-19 test on their return home, because business travellers with a negative Covid-19 test will be exempt from the instruction to stay home for 14 days after returning home.


The travel guidelines include information on conditions before, during and after travelling abroad, including hygiene advice, use of protective equipment, use of local transport options, organising meetings and what to do in the event of becoming ill abroad.

Business trips from other countries to Denmark

Business trips from abroad to Denmark for foreigners without permanent residence in Denmark were already recognised in advance of publication of the revised guidelines as a ‘worthy or credible purpose’ (in Danish: ‘anerkendelsesværdigt formål’) for entry into Denmark.

Business travellers must, upon entry (continue to) bring documentation with evidence of the contractual relationship or planned meeting and the need for this. In addition, the list of ‘worthy or credible’ reasons for entering Denmark has been updated with the following wording in relation to entry:

‘Business travellers who, as part of their work, enter Denmark for the purpose of attending meetings or similar are considered to have a ‘worthy or credible’ reason for entry, if these cannot be postponed or held without being physically present.

The business traveller must be able to present documentation, e.g. in the form of an email, for the working relationship and for the time and place of the meeting/work. The documentation must contain a reason why the meeting cannot practically be postponed or held via a virtual platform.

In addition, the business traveller must be able to present contact information for a relevant contact person in connection with the meeting/work in Denmark who can confirm the information presented by the foreign national.’

For business travellers, the instruction to undertake 14 days’ self-isolation after arrival still does not apply, but there will be a special communication effort to try to ensure that travellers’ behaviour minimises the risk of spreading Covid-19 infection.

The guidelines for business travellers can be found here and the travel advice can be found here.