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The Covid Guide
for International Employers


Ius Laboris has been providing practical guidance for international employers since, virtually, the outset of the COVID-19 crisis in early March 2020, when we published our first Coronavirus Guide. As the pandemic enters a new phase, with high levels of vaccination in a number of countries and new, divergent approaches to protective measures emerging in response, international employers face an evolving set of challenges.

In response, for this eight edition of the Covid Guide, Ius Laboris lawyers in over 40 jurisdictions address the key issues our clients are facing this summer: testing, vaccination and vaccination status in the workplace and the ongoing challenges and opportunities created by widespread work from home.





The Covid Guide for International Employers

In our latest Covid Guide covering over 40 countries, we take a look at whether you can ask, or require, employees to get tested for coronavirus or to get vaccinated, how to handle an employee's refusal or inability to be vaccinated and what data privacy issues may arise. As partial or full remote working becomes a long-term reality for many employers, we also address what you need to keep in mind when employees work from home, whether in your home country or abroad.