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Coronavirus restrictions on travel and mandatory home isolation

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Bruchou & Funes de Rioja, Argentina’s experts in labour and employment law.
In the context of the coronavirus crisis, Argentina's borders will remain closed until 7 June 2020 for non-resident foreign nationals.

Argentina’s borders will remain closed until 7 June 2020 included for non-resident foreign nationals

(Decree 274/2020, Decree 331/2020, Decree 365/2020, Decree 409/2020, Decree 459/2020 and Decree 493/2020).

The sale of air tickets is suspended until 1 September 2020. The National Civil Aviation Administration has ruled that ‘Airlines that operate passenger air transport services from, to or within the national territory may reschedule their regular operations or request authorisations for non-regular operations from 1 September 2020’ (Resolution 144/2020 BO 27.4.20).

Mandatory home isolation remains in place for all individuals in Argentina until 7 June 2020 (Decree 260/2020, Decree 325/2020, Decree 355/2020, Decree 408/2020, Decree 459/2020, and Decree 493/2020).

Anyone arriving in Argentina (nationals and residents) must home isolate for at least 14 days (Decree 260/2020).

Germán Capoulat
Partner - Argentina
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