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Coronavirus in India: an update

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India has introduced travel restrictions and advice to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This article provides details.  

India, which has stayed relatively unaffected since the outbreak of the coronavirus, is now witnessing a spurt in the number of affected individuals. The total count of patients in the country has reached 28 (not an alarming number of cases), with the majority of the individuals being Italian tourists in India or Indians who have travelled to Italy.

At the time of writing no advisory notices have been issued by the Government for employers regarding protective measures that have to be taken.

There is, however, a travel advisory issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recommending Indian citizens not to travel to China. Individuals returning from China will be placed in quarantine. The duration of quarantine will be determined by the medical supervisors in the relevant medical centre, at their discretion.

In a bid to contain any possible outbreak in India, the Government yesterday announced cancellation of visas issued on or before 3 March 2020 to nationals of China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. Nationals of these countries who are required to travel to India for pressing reasons have been advised to obtain a fresh visa.

Further, Indian citizens have also been advised to avoid travelling to Singapore, the Republic of Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Italy. Individuals returning from these countries may be placed in quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in India.



Vijay Ravi
Vijay Ravi
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