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Coronavirus: Guide for International Employers

As lockdowns across the world start to ease and the situation changes once more, we have been considering what steps employers need to take now to manage their international workforces. Our Guide covers all 58 countries within the Alliance.    

A little while ago, our specialist employment lawyers from across the world put together a Guide to help international employers navigate the key issues of the moment. But the situation is evolving continually and we have therefore produced a revised edition covering what is most important for employers now. In this new edition, we cover how to restart business activity over the next few weeks, plus we look at data privacy and the potential use of tracking and tracing apps. We also think about how to reduce activity. This could be by means of furloughing or other temporary adjustments, or it could involve more long-term restructuring.

The topics covered are:

  • Restrictions on daily life
  • Resuming activity
  • Data privacy and the use of apps
  • Pay
  • Reduction of activity and restructuring
  • Travel
  • Discrimination
  • Reporting to the authorities
  • Emergency laws and the implications for businesses


Download our Coronavirus: Guide for International Employers.