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COVID-19: Back to Work Guide


With the pandemic still in the ascendancy in large parts of the world, employers are struggling to find ways to get people back to work safety, either by putting measures in place to ensure safety at the workplace, or looking at longer term homeworking solutions, or a mixture of the two. Our specialist employment lawyers from across the world have put together a Back to Work Guide for International Employers to help international employers navigate these key issues.

In the Guide we take a look at the following on a country-by-country basis:

 1. Restrictions on national daily life

2. Local lockdowns and new national lockdowns

3. How to keep workers safe in the office

4. How to organise homeworking for the long term

The rules change frequently and so the Guide is regularly updated, with the date we last changed the text marked prominently at the head of each country section.  

Visit our Coronavirus Series page to download the guide.