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Checklist: Returning to work in Russia after lifting of Covid-19 restrictions

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ALRUD, a confident Russian leader in labour and employment law.
What are the primary health and safety requirements in Russia that employers need to be aware of as they re-open their offices and workspaces? Consult our experts’ checklist.

The checklist covers the main measures which should be taken to comply with Russian federal regulations, including recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (‘Rospotrebnadzor’).

Among the highlights are:

  • Steps employers must take to ensure worker safety and workplace hygiene, including disinfection, monitoring of body temperature and health, and in some cases providing personal protective equipment.
  • Organisational measures needed for compliance with social distancing guidelines, including physical spacing, continued remote work, altering shift schedules, arranging safe transportation, and limiting meetings and events.
  • Informational and training measures that employers must put in place to make employees aware of new health and safety requirements and recommendations.
  • The need to formalise policies and decisions regarding new health and safety measures, by way of formal orders and agreements.


Consult the full checklist here: [LINK TO PPT FILE]