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Business Transfers – Global HR Law Guide freshly updated

Our Global HR Law Guide takes you through the legal aspects of the entire employment journey, with 16 chapters from recruitment through to pensions, in over 50 countries, providing a valuable tool for HR and in-house counsel.

We have just updated our chapter on business transfers and it’s all ready for you to take a look.

In this chapter, you can discover how employees are protected upon business transfers, share sales and outsourcing deals, plus the duties on both the old and new employer. You can also find out what happens to the terms of the employment contracts, along with add-ons such as bonuses. The chapter also tells you about liability, including on-going liability for the old employer. And what if you want to make changes to the workforce after transfer? We explain if, when and how this can be done.

Find out about these and other issues in Global HR Law Guide chapter 14, updated as at December 2023.

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