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Austria introduces new provisions in ‘integration agreements’ for immigrants

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Schima Mayer Starlinger, a modern, service-oriented law firm in Austria.
Austria has introduced legislation setting out the requirements for 'integration agreements', language courses and exams for third-country nationals seeking long-term residence.

Since June 2017, the Austrian Integration Act (the ‘Act’) stipulates the main requirements for the integration of third-country nationals who intend to stay in Austria on a long-term basis. These include the conclusion of an integration agreement with the applicant, provision for mandatory German language courses and an integration exam.

An amendment of the by-law for the Act, which entered into force from 2 October 2019, now establishes uniform nationwide standards regarding the integration agreements to be concluded as well as the integration exam. Among other things, the amendment defines more precisely than previously the possibility of certification of educational institutions for provision of the mandatory German language courses, the amount of the federal government's contributions to the costs of integration courses and the integration exam procedure (in particular regarding computer-assisted integration exams).