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Access to seasonal work allowed without a permit for foreign workers in Poland

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Poland has relaxed immigration requirements in the context of the coronavirus pandemic so it is currently not necessary to obtain a work permit to hire a foreign worker for certain seasonal jobs.

During the pandemic, companies have encountered difficulties in obtaining the proper work permit or visa for foreign nationals. This stems from the curtailment of operations at regional governmental offices and consulates. The support provided by this category of employees to the tourist industry and agriculture in peak season was potentially at risk.

Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0: a response to business concerns

In connection with this problem, the legislator released foreign nationals from the obligation of holding a work permit if they are employed in categories of business that previously required a seasonal work permit. This right covers nationals from third countries who held:

  • a work permit or a seasonal work permit that was valid after 13 March 2020 ; or
  • a registered declaration on entrusting the performance of work in which at least one day of the period of work specified in this declaration was later than 13 March 2020.


Support for companies and making the status of foreign nationals more flexible

These regulations prevent employee shortages. They also make hiring foreign workers much simpler. Companies do not have to go through time-consuming and complicated procedures to obtain the relevant permits. These solutions also constitute an alternative for foreign workers who were previously hired in other industries. They encourage them to stay in Poland for the duration of the pandemic.