Talking Work:
The Employment Law Podcast for HR


Why, you might ask, when we’re already creating compelling content in the form of articles, webinars and reports, did we decide to launch a podcast?

By providing a platform for our lawyers, clients and others in our network to share their experience, we hope to contribute to the discussion of global employment law developments and how they are impacting the working world. And let’s face it, it’s great marketing for our firms.

For the inaugural episode of Talking Work, we invited Jenny Hellberg to talk to us about the legal aspect of working from home in the time of COVID-19. Jenny is a partner at the Ius Laboris member firm for Sweden, Elmzell. In this episode, she talks about Sweden, but also more generally about the questions she and her international colleagues are being asked worldwide.

So give it a listen, and hit that subscribe button. You’ll be able to find it on all of your regular podcast listening platforms.

Working from home in the time of COVID-19